GM Feed May Affect Reproductive System Of Animals

There has been a continuing debate regarding the safety of GM plants and their eventual use as a food source. Many consumer groups have been concerned about how lack of extensive safety testing of these genetically modified plants may affect the general population at large. And just recently, Russian scientists have discovered that there may […]

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Non-Browning GMO Apples Developed

One of the challenges that people face with apples is that it easily turns brown when sliced, making them look unsuitable to eat for some people. Well in seems that looks does matter in such instances and having an apple that does not turn brown even when sliced would surely make the day for many […]

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Study Links Monsanto Roundup GM Maize To Cancer In Rats

While the debate over the safety of GM crops and other products that use them is still ongoing, there have been recent studies that show results that dont bode well for the supporters of GM crops. A recent study has shown that one of the most popular of GM crops, GM Maize and its accompanying […]

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Proposition 37 Californians to Vote whether to Label GM Foods

Lawmakers in California have a democratic way of creating laws on issues that can be quite touchy: they put it on a public vote. This November 6th, Californians will vote on Proposition 37, which would require certain plant and animal products be labeled if its genetic material has been modified. Once approved, the law would […]

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